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We love beautiful audio.

Showcase your high-fidelity equipment, your TV or anything you like. The beaudioful RÄCK fits your needs. Made to the highest quality standards. Aluminium meets real woods. Also available in premium high-tech veneers.

clear-cut design / made in Germany / get your own

Pure materials. We use real wood because we believe in the importance of renewable raw materials. You can choose between solid wood or beech multiplex planks in real sound studio quality with the finest veneer finishes. The side elements of your beaudioful RÄCK are machined from pure aluminum and are available in silver or black anodized. Our flat spikes are made from high-duty stainless steel, compensating any unevenness. All our products are 100% recyclable. Not more and most certainly not less.

High-end manufacturing. Refined product design realized in cutting-edge production facilities through the expertise of selected German craft businesses. Ambitious pioneers work hand in hand with experiences master craftsmen for products that will inspire you.

Made in Germany with love. Our ideas are the result of many busy hands and some very clever minds. They are part of our success story. That’s why we would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way – including you, our enthusiastic customers.


What about you?

Pick your favorite and simply make it yours. The beaudioful RÄCK is completely modular and multifunctional. You can choose between a wide variety of real woods, materials, colors and sizes. 

Furniture that lasts a lifetime. We believe in the simple things in life that last you a long time. Thanks to its high-quality materials, timeless design and clear styling, our beaudioful RÄCK will meet all your demands and more. Form follows function and function forms followers!

Customizable solutions. You have a special request? Not a problem! If there’s one thing we can relate to, it’s your need for uniqueness. You require a specific width or depth? A different kind of wood or e.g. blue anodized stands? Just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Westdeutsche HiFi-Tage 2018

Thanks to all our families, friends and visitors. You made the show! It was a great honor for us to showcase our beaudioful RÄCKs. We got some really nice feedback and made new friends. This is to you: Thank you!

This year’s setup: Dr. Feickert Firebird with two vintage tonearms provided by Michael of Audiospecials. Followed by their very own and very well sounding phono stage. Giving its signal to the awesome Trinnov Altitude to be finally transformed into the strikingly powerful sound of Bohne Audio’s BB-10 fully active loudspeaker.

The beaudioful RÄCK L beautifully performed its job: Being the RÄCK. Providing a solid ground without adding to much visual weight to the components of the setup. Good job!

 Big boys, big noise!

Big boys, big noise!

High-End Munich 2018

Together with well-known brands, like AirTight, PrimaryControl and WolfVonLanga, we showed some of our newly designed beaudioful RÄCKs. They are heavy and rock solid, that is for sure! The different modules created an landscape-like environment for all the carefully selected components of this dream setup. There had been people listening to and admiring our setup almost a full day of the show. Fantastic! Thanks to everyone for giving us feedback and advice. We are already working on add-ons and our next ideas. Stay tuned!