Just a RÄCK, as it should be. Simple and impressive. Premium materials harmoniously matched to each other. Clear-cut design and reduced to the minimum.

More time for relaxation.

The beaudioful RÄCK series is characterized by a clear-cut design. Straight lines, precisely chamfered edges and sophisticated details - reduced to the minimum. Designed for its supporting role, each shelf is a solid 60 mm thick. Components weighing up to 100 kg per shelf are a "lightweight". The strong shelves appear almost floating on their columns. Milled from a special aluminium alloy, brushed and finally anodized, the columns of the various modules lift the shelf to the required height. Combine the modules to create your very own beaudioful RÄCK.

Only selected and premium quality materials are being used for beaudioful RÄCKs. Each beaudioful RÄCK is a real unique piece, made in Germany. It is manufactured to order and with a lot of handwork for you individually. We manufacture locally.

The value of this extraordinary design furniture is reflected by its material, module and width. In the last section of this page you may find the latest price lists. Should you have any special requests, we will be pleased to provide you with an individual proposal. Simply ask us non-binding. Click here or click on "Contact" in the menu at the upper edge of this page.

Premium Materials

The shelves of the beaudioful RÄCK are available in different surfaces and woods. Each shelf has a precise design chamfer on the edges. Our premium studio multiplex shelves are covered with an extremely scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean high-tech laminate at the top and bottom. The particularly matt look appears ultra-modern. The silky feel invites you to touch it. Available as standard in white and black, this variant is also optionally available in other colours and surfaces. The exclusive solid wood variants beech, ash and wild oak are made of continuous slats with different widths in sophisticated craftsmanship. The different widths reduce standing waves and ensure an extremely neutral sound. Sealed with a matt lacquer you will long-lastingly enjoy this top-class piece of design furniture. Only the shelves made of luxurious wood such as cherry or walnut are more extravagant. Here, two layers of cross-bonded decks are joined together and elaborately sanded to size. Naturally also in continuous lamellas and falling widths. The two-ply design results in even greater homogeneity in the material. You receive a design piece of furniture of the reference class - acoustically and optically.

Each floor is supported by a total of four columns made of a special aluminium alloy. These are milled from solid material on state-of-the-art CNC machines and hand-crafted with a high-grade finish. The columns are then natural-coloured or black anodized and sealed.

The connections between the shelf and the columns are made by M10 stainless steel machine screws. The sheer size promises a secure hold under the highest loads. If necessary, you can change the columns and always adapt your beaudioful RÄCK individually to your needs and your equipment.

At the lower end of each column there is a special stainless steel spike, which is equipped with a counter nut made of the same material. The spike can compensate for unevenness in the ground of up to 10mm. Your RÄCK is therefore coupled to the ground, correctly adjusted and always in balance. At the upper end of the supports there are the fittings for another module with a secure support.

*The illustrations shown are similar.


Your equipment is unique, and so is your beaudioful RÄCK. It is modular and adapts to your equipment. Choose between different modules with different clearance heights.

Start with a basic module such as the "00" or "10". You can guess it - a few millimetres or 10cm ground clearance. By the way: These modules are also perfectly suited as a base for your amplifiers or loudspeakers. A real alternative are the combination modules "35" and "35+10", with clear heights of 35cm or 35cm and 10cm above the floor. With their two interconnected shelves, these offer not only an extremely stable base, but also plenty of storage space for large components and/or your vinyl records. You can stack on them and combine them freely and according to your needs with the "15", "20", "25" and "30" other modules. The clear heights are 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm. In a beaudioful RÄCK every equipment finds its sweet spot.

Please always allow sufficient ventilation for your equipment. Therefore take a look at the product descriptions and operating instructions provided by the individual manufacturer. As a guide, we recommend a minimum distance of 7cm from the highest surface of the equipment to the bottom of the shelf above.

There are no limits to your imagination. Stack high - up to the ceiling. Side by side, from wall to wall. Stair-like combinations are of course an option. Be imaginative and let us provide you with personal and individual support, of course without any obligation.

You want to design a beaudioful RÄCK freely according to your requirements and tailored to your individual needs? We make it happen for you. Different clearance heights and special anodized colors are no problem for us. We allow ourselves to charge a small fee for the additional work involved. Ask us for a non-binding offer.


You decide: 60 cm and more traditional HiFi RÄCK format, the wide 120 cm version with modern living room look, or the oversize of 180 cm length with superior visual appeal. Because sometimes it's the length that counts. A full 50 cm depth per shelf is freely available to your equipment.

Each 60 cm wide RÄCK M module offers sufficient space for components up to 56.5 cm wide, if you want to place another module above it. As the top module, you can of course also place wider equipment on top. By the way: this RÄCK also cuts a fine figure as a side table. 120 cm wide, the modules of the RÄCK L Dimension offer sufficient space for two or even four 19" units, depending on the module. Your flat-screen TV will also find its new favourite spot there. For optical reasons, we recommend devices with a screen diagonal of up to 55 inches. You would like to place a larger device? Then make use of the RÄCK XL range with a width of 180 cm. Like every beaudioful RÄCK, this module can easily carry 100kg per floor. This stylish piece of furniture is a real eye-catcher in any living room. It is also suitable as a low or sideboard.

Combine different widths with each other. For example, place a 60 cm wide RÄCK M in the middle on a 180 cm wide RÄCK XL and you will have a kind of platform to accommodate your centre speaker or Blu-Ray player. There are no limits to your imagination. Let us advise you without any obligation.

Listen to your room. It plays a leading role in your setup. With a RÄCK from beaudioful you can appreciate the joy of music and ambience in your home.

Do you need a different width or depth? Even special widths and depths are no problem for us. We are happy to adapt any size to your individual needs. Create your design piece of furniture with us. Ask us without any obligation about the many different possibilities that our workshop can provide you with.

Price List

All prices quoted here are in the currency EUR (€) per piece incl. 19% VAT. (Germany). All previous price lists hereby lose their effectiveness. Our general terms and conditions, other individual agreements and terms of delivery and payment apply. The indicated price is quoted ex works. If necessary packing and dispatch are co-ordinated with you individually and depending upon order. The delivery takes place if necessary by forwarding agency and is perhaps connected with additional costs. Changes and errors reserved.

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